Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sugard Strawberrys, Photography, and Candlelight

So once again Ca$h and I had a sleepova! It was sooo epic, it was amazing, I had a blast!!! I feel soo bad because we made her room a mess, but we cleaned up afterwards. But we found all of these candles and we decided to set the mood for some creative photography!!! This is a glimpse of what a Ca$h and Chloe sleepova looks like!! Enjoy!

Yes Ca$h is that beautiful! She is a wonderful model!

Ca$h made that mug in her pottery class, it is pretty epic!

She has the most amazing room eva! She found this amazing mirror at Goodwill! Crazy!

Me with bumpy hair and my dear friend :)

It always seems like she wants to eat me...


So this summer I introduced Ca$h to sugard starwberrys, at first she thought it would be gross, but then I convinced her and she LOVED it! So now she can't eat strawberrys without sugar! How awesome is that?!!?!?
Well I hope you enjoyed! Please leave comments on what you want to see next! And if you can give me any adivse I would LOVE that! So I hope to post soon! Happy tuesday everybody!!! P.S We also watched the Lybrinth with David Bowie, if you haven't seen it, WATCH IT!
P.S.S Good luck on finals to anybody who is stressin in high school at the moment with me :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Things I hate and LOVE!!!!!!

5 Things I hate
  • When people randomly scream in the hallways
  • Girls with no self respect
  • P.D.A
  • The Devil (yeah I hate you)
  • Mean people
  • Stress
  • Math

 5 and more Things I LOVE
  • My Friends
  • My Family
  • God
  • Happy music
  • Summer
  • When people completment me
  • When I see boys act not like idots, go for girls too :)
  • THIS BLOG! (its my new found baby! It is like my stress free place :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Bird and The Bee

This band is AMAZING! This song make me want to dance! So happy dancing :)
*insert dancing here*

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Girl things!!

So everytime Ca$h and I get together we do eachothers make up! hahaha she is the wonderful person who got me interested in make up! She has been my loyal geini pig through good and most of the time aweful make up creations!! BUT practice makes perfect and I have gotton better :) You can't really see her eyeshadow that well, the lighting kinda sucked, but I did a double winged eyeliner. Then the eyeshadow was a pink and brown type of color, hahah it's hard to explain it, it wasn't over the top because she had the eyeliner. Then we nuded her lips, so she had that modd look. Then finally we curled her eyelashes, which killes me everytime because they are sooo long and sooo amazing, they look like falsies! Then mascara :) I am hoping that I can start doing tutorials! Enjoy!!
She is soooo beautiful!!

Go to the bottom about the hair :) I will explain how I did it!

Ok so with my hair, I decided I was going to try like a 40s ish type of hair look. And this is what I got :D So what I did was, I first curled my hair AWAY from my face. I used the Revlon Ceramic hair straightner, if you want to do this with a straightener, then I would use a skinny one, the thick ones are a pain in the butt! Then I took the curls from my top layer, and made a little circle loop thing then pined it. It is easy because your hair is already in that shape so all you need to do it guide it :) then spray some hairspray so it says and you are all done!!

ALSO!! check out Ca$h's blog! She is an AMAZING person, photographer and blogger! So check her out! DO IT!!

Snowy Days!!

So my AMAZING friend Ca$h spent the weekend with me at my Grandma's, and It was snowing so we decided to make a video!! That is about the video, NOW here where I live, we had an "artic blast" so says the news people. BUT we are coverd in snow, which is amazing because that mean I can't go to school, darn *insert sarcasm*. hahaha so here are some pictures of how crazy snowy it is here at my little house :D

This is Blue, he is super sweet!

Ok so now this is at my house!

Hot Coco, gotta have it when its FREEZING out haha :)

Woke up to find this and that I had no school :D
These boots are AMAZING! I got them for Christmas from my Grandma and Grandpa and they are super warm and comfy!!! Well sending warm hugs and coats to keep you warm through the computer screen!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


POINTE SHOES!! So I do Ballet! And I LOVE it! it's great, but I have always been in slippers never in pointe shoes because I was never good enough, BUT we got news yesterday that we are goin to start pre-pointe which is pretty much the same as a regular pointe shoe. It just doesn't have a shank, so we can't go across the floor or anything, but we will do barre with the shoes on!! I am stoked! Once i get them i will take a butt load of pictures, so be prepared :) I also do Irish Dancing which i LOVE the MOST, but i will tell you about that another time :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Messin' around!

Ok as y'all know, I got a camera for Christmas. So it is still new to me :) So I decided to play with the "no hands taking of the picture" what is that called? Who knows. BUT please be nice! To be honest I don't really take pictures of myself cuz I don't like the idea, but I wanted to try this thingy out! So please be nice!

String Cheese RULES! (that is what i'm eating haha)

My Great Grandma says I have a norwegian nose. I don't really like my nose, so do I not like norwegian peoples noses??? deep thoughts with Chloe!

LOVE this necklace! It is a ballerina my uncle and aunt gave me for christmas. I do Ballet so I really like it! But I will tell you what I do  later on in life :)

So hopefully they aren't as bad as I see them as! But I am hoping for outfits of the day, if I can get this thing right! So yeah have a lovely day dolls!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stress... SUCKS

So we all have stress. It is about being human. We can't get away from it. And school is a huge stress. On all of us. It is a big part of people's life. Expecally (sorry spelling error) high school. I have been under sooo much stress from homework, failing test I have studyed for, friends and so on and so forth. It has been so bad I have gotton sick more easly and I just feel like crying everytime I get something wrong. So I decided to...


Yes grades and your G.P.A is very important, so don't get me wrong. But I have tried my hardest. Honestly. I study and I still fail my test. It is not like I am one of those people who just say screw it and don't do their work or anything. Plus it is an advanced math placement class, that I am going to retake next year. And if  I have one or two F's on my high school (get that I said high school not collage) transcript, its not going to kill me.

Sometimes, we just need to let go and just breathe. Because this has put crazy stress on me, and it is not worth it. So maybe you are dealing with,
  • School
  • a death
  • break up
  • family
Don't let those thing ruin you! Take a deep breath and just tell yourself it is going to be ok! Because it always does! Crazy how some things turn out when we don't expect it! OK so I am goin to go all religious, But I learned that with this kind of things, I just have to give it to God. Because he can handle it much better then me. He will always take care of me, and he has sooo much more planed for me and for you guys that he doesn't want us worrying about little things like school or a break up!

So blare some Lion King or some super happy song, turn on a lamp and off the big light, make your room a stage, grabe a brush and ROCK OUT! Forget about the world around you! Just go crazy happy for a little bit and just have fun! Call up some friends and do a photoshoot! Pray and be happy :)
God Bless :)

"I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God's business." - unknown

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Alexander the Great ( A.T.G) <--- that is his Gansta name! :D

Yes I have a snake! But hes small and really sweet! So while he was light bathing, I decided to go all photo shoot with him! How photogenic is he?!?


On the way to school (I walk) the sky was sooo beautiful that I just had to take a picture! These days, remind me how much of an artist God really is! So thank you Lord for this beautiful morning! Enjoy and have a beautiful day :)

This my dear people.... is Yazz!

So today is the first day back from Christmas Break :P So we decided sence we both got cameras for Christmas we would play models! She is sooo pretty and these pictures sooo do not do her justice! So sorry Yazz!!!

LOVE the posing! hahaha  :D but i absolutly love her clothes! I will have to do  an outfit of the day with her! I even told her that I would give her 20$ to go out and buy me clothes! Like I don't even care what she buys because I know it will be EPIC!

Then she is crazy about bread... hahaha bread is very good! And she just likes is more then other people I guess! This is at my high school by the way! These pictures arn't really crazy good, but it was fun all the same! We were getting weird stares from people in the hallway! That is always fun though!! Be expecting to see alot more of her!


Ok so I need your peoples oppion! Should I keep the picture behind the title??? I kinda like it! Let me know! But the artist name is Anka Zhuravleva. And she is sooooo amazing! I want to be able to make photos like that some time! So let me know! Oh by the way, when i found out that i have 5 followers, I kinda freaked out.. just sayin, plus I think I know all of the people but that is sooo fine! I just want people to like my blog! So if you like my blog pass it along to people and see if they like it!! Thank you Dearies!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Attack of the Grandma Sweater!!

Most people, when they hear the word, 'grandma sweater', they scream, cry and even faint... But not I, I am in LOVE with grandma sweaters! I even specificaly went to goodwill to get a grandma sweater. My friend thought I was crazy! Hahaha but these are a few of my favorites! I will have outfits posted in a bit, I gotta buy a tripod first or I have to have somebody take the picture.... maybe I can get a ghost to do it?? Mmmm... naaa I'll just get a tripod :)

This is actually from my Great Grandma... hehee

This is from the great Goodwill!

Great Grandma again for the last two sweaters :D
Well I couldn't just let them go to waste!! I am saving them people! hahaha we all have our weirdness! Comment if you love grandma sweaters as much as I do!!