Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Girl things!!

So everytime Ca$h and I get together we do eachothers make up! hahaha she is the wonderful person who got me interested in make up! She has been my loyal geini pig through good and most of the time aweful make up creations!! BUT practice makes perfect and I have gotton better :) You can't really see her eyeshadow that well, the lighting kinda sucked, but I did a double winged eyeliner. Then the eyeshadow was a pink and brown type of color, hahah it's hard to explain it, it wasn't over the top because she had the eyeliner. Then we nuded her lips, so she had that modd look. Then finally we curled her eyelashes, which killes me everytime because they are sooo long and sooo amazing, they look like falsies! Then mascara :) I am hoping that I can start doing tutorials! Enjoy!!
She is soooo beautiful!!

Go to the bottom about the hair :) I will explain how I did it!

Ok so with my hair, I decided I was going to try like a 40s ish type of hair look. And this is what I got :D So what I did was, I first curled my hair AWAY from my face. I used the Revlon Ceramic hair straightner, if you want to do this with a straightener, then I would use a skinny one, the thick ones are a pain in the butt! Then I took the curls from my top layer, and made a little circle loop thing then pined it. It is easy because your hair is already in that shape so all you need to do it guide it :) then spray some hairspray so it says and you are all done!!

ALSO!! check out Ca$h's blog! She is an AMAZING person, photographer and blogger! So check her out! DO IT!!

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  1. I so wish I could get my eyeliner to look that perfect!