Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Messin' around!

Ok as y'all know, I got a camera for Christmas. So it is still new to me :) So I decided to play with the "no hands taking of the picture" what is that called? Who knows. BUT please be nice! To be honest I don't really take pictures of myself cuz I don't like the idea, but I wanted to try this thingy out! So please be nice!

String Cheese RULES! (that is what i'm eating haha)

My Great Grandma says I have a norwegian nose. I don't really like my nose, so do I not like norwegian peoples noses??? deep thoughts with Chloe!

LOVE this necklace! It is a ballerina my uncle and aunt gave me for christmas. I do Ballet so I really like it! But I will tell you what I do  later on in life :)

So hopefully they aren't as bad as I see them as! But I am hoping for outfits of the day, if I can get this thing right! So yeah have a lovely day dolls!

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