Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sugard Strawberrys, Photography, and Candlelight

So once again Ca$h and I had a sleepova! It was sooo epic, it was amazing, I had a blast!!! I feel soo bad because we made her room a mess, but we cleaned up afterwards. But we found all of these candles and we decided to set the mood for some creative photography!!! This is a glimpse of what a Ca$h and Chloe sleepova looks like!! Enjoy!

Yes Ca$h is that beautiful! She is a wonderful model!

Ca$h made that mug in her pottery class, it is pretty epic!

She has the most amazing room eva! She found this amazing mirror at Goodwill! Crazy!

Me with bumpy hair and my dear friend :)

It always seems like she wants to eat me...


So this summer I introduced Ca$h to sugard starwberrys, at first she thought it would be gross, but then I convinced her and she LOVED it! So now she can't eat strawberrys without sugar! How awesome is that?!!?!?
Well I hope you enjoyed! Please leave comments on what you want to see next! And if you can give me any adivse I would LOVE that! So I hope to post soon! Happy tuesday everybody!!! P.S We also watched the Lybrinth with David Bowie, if you haven't seen it, WATCH IT!
P.S.S Good luck on finals to anybody who is stressin in high school at the moment with me :)

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  1. I had sooo much fun you can come and make a huge mess of my room anytime! I would love it!