Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This my dear people.... is Yazz!

So today is the first day back from Christmas Break :P So we decided sence we both got cameras for Christmas we would play models! She is sooo pretty and these pictures sooo do not do her justice! So sorry Yazz!!!

LOVE the posing! hahaha  :D but i absolutly love her clothes! I will have to do  an outfit of the day with her! I even told her that I would give her 20$ to go out and buy me clothes! Like I don't even care what she buys because I know it will be EPIC!

Then she is crazy about bread... hahaha bread is very good! And she just likes is more then other people I guess! This is at my high school by the way! These pictures arn't really crazy good, but it was fun all the same! We were getting weird stares from people in the hallway! That is always fun though!! Be expecting to see alot more of her!

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  1. Aww I miss Yazz. The photos bring me back....