Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our "hike" in Banks :)

WARNING: alot of pictures! I kinda went crazy with my camera while we were on a "trail" (it was paved so I don't think that counts!) anyways Oregon is so beautiful you can just not not take pictures! Enjoy:)

Horror movie worthy... (top pic)
Mama and Daddy :)

 I LOOVVEE this house! The color is soooo amazing!
  YAY! It's a cow farm ^-^

I LOVE how green the grass is....

   Apples :)
 This my dear people, is Bill. I saved Bill from the evil bicycles that were about to crush him. But have no fear, he is safe in the grass :)
   I wonder what insects think of this plant.... Monster maybe?
Well I hope you guys liked the pictures! They don't nearly capture Oregons beauty but it's a taste :) Have a great day!!!

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  1. Hi! stumbled on your blog! your photos are great! i can't believe you're a beginner in this <3 hope you could teach me how you took it. aperture, and stuff :) i have yet to buy my own camera so this really caught my eye ;)