Monday, February 13, 2012

Being Fancy For A Day!!

Ca$h's bro's friend is an upcoming photographer, and he wanted Ca$h and I to be his modles. Well because he thinks that nobody reads mine or her blog, the pictures didn't go well at all! They kinda sucked and Ca$h and I both liked the pictures that we took with out digital cameras better then his fancy smacy camera! BUT I had a great time! Ca$h's mom used to be a make up artist so she did our make up and we got to dress all nice! We went to downtown Portland and I just had a great time, Ca$h and I had fun laughing about certan things :) So Ca$h I pinky promise you I had MUCHO fun!!!

Ca$h getting her make up done by her VERY EXTREMELY talented mama!!

These are some of the pic's I took while the dude was taking a pic of her!

Woah!! Shes excaping!!! (spelling error I know, to lazy to fix it hehe :)

I LOOVEE her make up!! Great job Rachel!! More like AMAZING CRAZY GOOD GREAT job!

I love downtown!!
Well even though some people were turds, I still had a great time and I hope we can do it again with some other up comming photographer :) MUCHO love dolls <3

P.S check out Ca$h's blog!! <----- it is amazing just like her!! awwww :D

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  1. You are an amazing photographer/friend! Your creativity can never be bought:)Your awesomeness comes through your pictures and thats obvious!I'm happy you had a great time!