Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photography Class!!

WARNING: this contains ALOT of pictures! There are alot more of pretty much the same thing so believe me I spared you!! I am taking a ditital photography class at my school. And we are right now studying still lifes, with backdrops and lightning and the whole shabang, well this isn't particularly my cup of tea. So friends and I messed around alot I hope you enjoy!!

Allie!!!! and Jamie behind her :)

I took about 20 more pics of this one pot thing. yeah she told us to constantly take pictures.... even though we didn't change our focas, so it got super boring hahah!

So instead I did my own thing :) I don't need no backdrop!! Im Chloe!!! hahaha jk I am not that self-centerd!!

It's a spoon, very exciting I know!

I personally like this one :) (below)

My dirty oxfords... sad day!

Those feet are the feet of my friend Habanaro, HI!!

well I am sorry for bonbarding you guys with pictures, but it was our first "photoshoot" in photography so I thought I would share it will yall!! Have a wonderful lovely day dolls <3

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  1. All the pictures are Beautiful! You're super talented!