Friday, March 9, 2012

Tips to Look and Feel Beautiful Without Make Up

Here are some tips to feel beautiful and look the same way! These simple ways can improve how you feel and how you look throughout your day! Enjoy!

  • Tip #1: Brush and floss your teeth! Both night and day! I know it sounds so simple and like duhh, but alot of people are eather too tired or just lazy to brush your teeth. By brushing and flossing, it will
  • Whiten your teeth
  • Prevent bad breath
  • cavitiys and other crapy dentist issues
  • I know for me, it always makes my mouth feel alive and gets rid of that gross film that build threw the day and night

  • Tip #2: Wash your face both day and night! Tag this along with brushing your teeth. Clear skin always looks good. No make up really looks that good if your skin doesn't match. I'm not saying that if you have bad acne your make up looks horriable. But it sure does make you face look alive and so bright. Washing it every morning is very important, because your pillow has alot of germs and dirt from the day before, and your sleeping in it!! Then at night it's SUPER DUPER important to wash ALL of your make up off!! Your make up will clog your pores and give you more acne and that is no bueno! Here is how I was my face
  • I use Burt's Bees Deep Cleasnsing Cream. I love this because it cools and warms my face and it makes me feel like its really working. I use this every morning and night.
  • Then I wash my face with oatmeal every morning. I only do it in the morning, I will leave a link where you can see how to do it! The video explains all of its goodnesses :)

  • Tip #3: GROOM YOUR EYEBROWS!! This will instantly make your face look just put together even if you have no make up on! This goes with you gentleman out there! No girl wants their guy to have a bushy catapiler crawing from eyebrow to eyebrow! So just pluck inbetween and you should be good guys! And for girl (or guys if you want) I will leave a link below to show you how to shape your eyebrows!

  • Tip #4: Take care of your nails and feet. Unfortunately I dance so my feet are gross all of the time with blisters and gross short toenails, but I always take care of them. They may look gross but they are clean and the nails are fine :) With your fingernails just keep the dirt out of them and keep them clean and the same length!
  • I use the Tea Tree Oil cooling foot scrub to sooth my tired overdanced feet! This stuff is amazing! It kinda smells like mint in a doctors office, but that just might be me! This is great and I recomend it for dancers :)
Tip #5: Last but not least...DRINK WATER! And if your like me and LOVE Arizona Tea and drinks that like water, this is kinda difficult. I just carry my waterbottle with me around school, and when I'm bored I drink it up! Yes its plain and make you have to pee every five seconds. But this will help your acne and any skin problems, it hydrates your skin and your body. Even if you think your not thirsty, your body is actually very thirsty. So drink up!

Ok so this was a long one, but I find these very helpful for me! I hope they are also helpful for all yall!!

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