Thursday, April 26, 2012

So at the moment I am at my lovely grandma's house, so I can't post any pictures... sorry :( But here is my promised post! Today was ok, I don't have school tomarrow which ROCKS!!! I know it's bad, but I really don't enjoy school.... Oh well! Well watch this video and be happy!!! Sorry for the lack of interesting things in this post! Have a lovely weekend dolls!!! P.S The Civil Wars are.... ummm.... well.... they pretty much... well...... ROCK LIKE NO OTHER BAND OTHER!!!! Enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Everybody Deserves Some Chocolate

So please excuse my hair, I just got back from good ol' school, and it frizzled out! But my mom got some AWESOME chocolate doughnuts (did I spell that right? I don't think so, sorry) But as promised I posted something. And I'm going to change what I said before, I'm going to post something every Tuseday and Thursday :D so yeah! Hope you have some sweets that you can snack with me! Have a lovely day dolls!

scary I know, sorry! I look like a flie...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Photoshop!!! plus spring!

Okidoki so I found this website that let's me do some really cool photoshop things!!! Which is awesome because I really like film pictures, like polaroids, but since I don't have those things, I just have Bill who is a ditital (amazing) camera! But this lets me take pictures with Bill and have it look really cool and old!! YAY I'm super happy if you couldn't tell! I will leave a link below on two of the website, because one of them are closing tomarrow it says! Enjoy tell me what you think!

I took these with Bill, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out! Don't you?   closing tomarrow it says :\    This one is just as awesome! It says it's free, which is always a plus! :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ahhh Hispter Music... So AWESOME!!!

Ok so unfortantally I couldn't put the video up on my blog, I just couldn't find it... but here is the link. Ok WARNING!!! This video is creepy, and she is scary looking, and there are some fluffy mop looking monsters, but the song is soooooooo great!!! It's weird because the video is weird and scary, but the song makes me want to dance!! So enjoy and just don't look at the video and listen to the music :D

Movement! And News!

Ok so here is the dealo, I got in trouble by a certain person *cough Yoda* and so I am posting something every Tuesday and Friday for certain! I will post somethings on different days if I have a little something for you guys, but you can count on those days that there will be a post for yall! But we had to do movement in Photography class, so I thought I would share them with you!!!

HEY! check out my awesome friend Yoda's blog! (oh by the way her name isn't Yoda, but she is Yoda and I'm Obi Wan :D  Star Wars nerds! WE ROCK! \m/

Friday, April 13, 2012

Daisy's Pleasure

So I got some news for you folk.... SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!!!! And personally daisy's remind me of spring, hippies as well, but that is another story! I saw these daisy's and I grabed Bill and took some pictures! So before you judge me, ever sence I was little, I thought weeds were flowers and I thought they were daisy's, so if they arn't really daisy's.... They are to me!! In Chloe world! hahaha yeah that's right! I just pulled that! Okioki let me know what you think! Have a lovely day dolls <3

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hello my dear ones, this is an update, that I haven't died... Yeah I'v been really busy and I haven't been able to play with Bill lately, so sorry for the lack of pictures.. :D but here is a video to keep you guys happy! It is amazing, love the song, love the slow mo (who doesn't??) and the Ballet of coarse!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Okidoki so I got bangs! I got them over spring break and I LOVE them! My hairstylest is GREAT!! She is Cara from 3rd Floor Salon. If you guys are in Forest Grove anytime and need a haircutt, go to her! She is super duper nice and she talks to you about what you want, which is super helpfull if you are clueless like me :) I will leave a link below with her blog and her work website!! Thank you Cara!!

P.S kinda lookin'  crapy, 2nd day back to school from spring break. TIRED!! summer come faster. now.