Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yo Homies!

 Well howdy there my dear readers, I, your faithful (not so much) blogger is sick. very sick. never mind that is a lie. no i am sick, as you can tell i am rambling about nothing. I have been stuck in my room for the past two days because i gots (or did) a fever and headache and wo is me. And i had to stay in my room so I don't get my sis sick, my Daddy is soooo awesome, he brought me up food and gave me the laptop so i have been watching V for Vendetta (best movie eva btw) and youtube. And I stumbled upon this song and you know what? ITS SOOOOO AMAZING!!! so you should listen to it. so i am sorry for this usless passage of words you just read, and if you stoped good for you, but you wouldn't know i said that now would you?!?! FOOD FOR THOUGHT! Oh now you see what Chloe is like when she is sick and bored :D hope you enjoy the song lovlies! ADOSE AMIGOS!! (even my spelling in spanish sucks, sorry cash *hung head in shame*)

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  1. Hope you feel better Talented Girl!