Sunday, June 17, 2012

Remember Me???

Ok so I don't know if you remember me, I'm Chloe, I write on this blog, if you ever read it anymore... I AM SOOOO SORRY FOR NOT POSTING!! hahaha I really needed to do school, and that ment no internet for like months, so sorry dudes. well if you didn't know..... IT'S SUMMMMERRRRRR!!! oh my goodness do you know how much I LOVE summer??? alot. Annnddd that means that I will post some more. So what better way of starting summer, with some Ca$h?!?! She dyed her hair this amazing red color and it looks beautiful! I am going to be in Cali for about two weeks so I won't be posting for a while! But comment if you still follow me <3


I did Ca$h's make up!! Do you like it?!? Ca$h has the biggest most beautiful eyes EVER!! she has let me do her make up even when I was aweful and made her look like a Mexican grandma :) She is why I'm decent, Thanks homie <3

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