Monday, July 16, 2012

Can't Help But Wonder

With Katia <3 Thanks love for being such a beautiful model for me :D

Monday, July 9, 2012

Glasses Anybody???

Okidoki so I have had glasses since I was 4. and I didn't get contact until 9th grade just because of dance. I LOVE glasses! So mucho! hahaha everybody I know got contacts in the 4th grade, and I'm thinkin, in 4th grade I would scream if anybody tried to put something on my eyeball, so I stick with glasses :D I got Ray Bans last year, and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! So if you have glasses, embrace them my friends and we will stand together!!!!..... ok that kinda sounded 300ish... sorry bout that :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Californa!! Part 1! (Gold Mining)

Ok so my mother's father ( Grandpa if you didn't know) took me one day gold mining!! We visited a bunch of old mines that people from when the Gold Rush took place had mined. It was really super fun! This is only part 1 of my two weeks in sunny cali! PLEASE!! : do not comment on how bad i look in any of these photos, it was really hot, and I had to wear long pants and shirt for snake and scorpio reasons! P.S sorry for not updating!! Hope you still read this little blog :) Enjoy!

He was showing me how to pan for gold! Unfortunately we didn't get any gold :(

That cave went on forever! He wouldn't me go any further, hahaha it made him nervous :)  it was really cool though!!

Don't worry we didn't mine there...

This was a really really old mining house, in the middle of NO WHERE!! You couldn't pay me enough to live there, it was really cool though, to go through it :)

Again no comment on the looks... I was tired and hot.. ( well i'm always hot.. JK people I'm not that self absorbed... I'll stop talking..)

There was a watermelon growing right by the mine upabove, it was so hot and there is NO water there, how it grows, I have no idea! It just shows no matter how extreme the conditions are, you can to still grow! Well more Cali is comming up! I hope you guys are having an amazing summa! and I will post some more soon! :D Bye dolls!