Monday, July 2, 2012

Californa!! Part 1! (Gold Mining)

Ok so my mother's father ( Grandpa if you didn't know) took me one day gold mining!! We visited a bunch of old mines that people from when the Gold Rush took place had mined. It was really super fun! This is only part 1 of my two weeks in sunny cali! PLEASE!! : do not comment on how bad i look in any of these photos, it was really hot, and I had to wear long pants and shirt for snake and scorpio reasons! P.S sorry for not updating!! Hope you still read this little blog :) Enjoy!

He was showing me how to pan for gold! Unfortunately we didn't get any gold :(

That cave went on forever! He wouldn't me go any further, hahaha it made him nervous :)  it was really cool though!!

Don't worry we didn't mine there...

This was a really really old mining house, in the middle of NO WHERE!! You couldn't pay me enough to live there, it was really cool though, to go through it :)

Again no comment on the looks... I was tired and hot.. ( well i'm always hot.. JK people I'm not that self absorbed... I'll stop talking..)

There was a watermelon growing right by the mine upabove, it was so hot and there is NO water there, how it grows, I have no idea! It just shows no matter how extreme the conditions are, you can to still grow! Well more Cali is comming up! I hope you guys are having an amazing summa! and I will post some more soon! :D Bye dolls!


  1. You're SO adorable! :) And hot. Haha I wish it was sunny here! Glad to see you update!

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    1. awww thank you! you to my friend you to!