Thursday, February 14, 2013

Teen Anx

Imma going to start a theme you could say... called teen anx. I'm going to have alot of themes but this is my first one! Everyone has gone through being a teen. Even if you are the calmest most amazing teen, you have had the aweful feelings and hormons that teens get. hahaha enjoy <3

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Long Time No See, Talk, Hear, Known of Exsistance

So I'v been aweful and probably lost all of my followers therefore time to start new! Hello I am Chloe I live in the wet state of Oregon and I am a beginner photograper. Photography is my passion and love it. Along with photography I love cosmetology (make up and hair ect.) and I love Irish Dance. Weird I know but hey! Here is some pictures that I have taken in the past year that I haven't blogged!!

Completely random I know, but this is just a taste of my photography. *cough* yeah that is Florence and The Machine. I went for my 16th birthday and It was amazing!!!!! Okidoki you may see some of the pictures again when I do a post on that paticular photoshoot!! Thanks doll <3