Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Long Time No See, Talk, Hear, Known of Exsistance

So I'v been aweful and probably lost all of my followers therefore time to start new! Hello I am Chloe I live in the wet state of Oregon and I am a beginner photograper. Photography is my passion and love it. Along with photography I love cosmetology (make up and hair ect.) and I love Irish Dance. Weird I know but hey! Here is some pictures that I have taken in the past year that I haven't blogged!!

Completely random I know, but this is just a taste of my photography. *cough* yeah that is Florence and The Machine. I went for my 16th birthday and It was amazing!!!!! Okidoki you may see some of the pictures again when I do a post on that paticular photoshoot!! Thanks doll <3


  1. YOU ARE THE MOST AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER EVER. I am beaming with friend pride! I literally LOVE every picture you took!! You have such an amazing talent!! I loveeeeee your creativity I'm sorry I really cant contain myself at this moment every picture is just so beautiful!!!

  2. DAWWWWWW THANK YOUUUUUUU!!! You are the one who inspires to me and pushes me to try (not even close) to capture things as beautiful as you do. You are amazing and I thank god everyday for you becuase you are like the greatest friend eeevverrr! I can laugh and be extremely weird with you and you won't judge b/c normally you are doing it with me! I will do anything with you, even if that means hopping a swimming pool gate in the middle of the night, even though you had the key with you.... it was the best! Can't wait to see ya darlin' <3